Instructions for the presenters

For Speakers of Oral Presentation
1.  Please do your presentation in English.
2.  Presentation Time -
-  Invited Lecture: 60 min. including discussion
-  Free Paper: 6 min. and total discussion
Please be punctual and carefully follow the allotted time limits.
3.  Presentation Timekeeping - the green lamp indicates one minute remaining; the red lamp indicates the end of your presentation time.
4.  When the presenter ahead of you takes the stage, please be seated in the standby seat.
5.  For Free Papers, Questions and Answers session taken following the completion of three presentations.
Speakers should wait in the seats prepared next to the stage until the Questions and Answers session begins.
Symposium speakers should be seated in the discussion seats prepared center stage during the discussion time.
6.  Presentation File Preparation:

1)  All presentations must be made in the form of a PC presentation.
Conventional 35mm slide presentations will not be accepted.

2)  If you intend to present from your own PC, please read 8. Notes for Presenters using their own PC carefully.
For speakers intending to use a Conference supplied PC, please prepare your presentation file according to 9. Notes on Preparing your Presentation Data below.
If you use Macintosh, please bring your own PC.

3)  A sound cannot be used.
7.  Presentation File Reception / Presentation Format

1)  All speakers should complete a run-through of the connection and operation of their equipment and preview their presentation at the PC Desk where is next to the speaker's podium of each room at least 40 minutes before their session is scheduled to begin.

2)  Presenters who are scheduled to present till 11 a.m. required to come to the PC Desk the day before their presentation.

3)  An operator and staff will be on hand at the PC Desk to assist speakers.

4)  The speaker's podium is fitted with a monitor, keyboard and mouse.
All speakers are asked to operate during the presentation by themselves.

5)  PC's and presentation data will be returned at the PC Desk within your session venue.
Presentation data not picked up by speakers following their presentation will be discarded by the Secretariat.
All data installed on the Conference supplied PC's will be deleted.
8.  Notes for Presenters using their own PC

1)  Remember to bring your own power adaptor and cables.

2)  Western Japan, including Okinawa, is AC100 V.
The plug type in Japan is type A with two flat blades without a ground pin, the same type widely used in the USA and Canada.

3)  Presentation can be made from any portable PC equipped with Windows 2000 or later, or any Apple Power Macintosh.
Your computer must be equipped with a D-sub 15pin video output.
(Thin notebook PCs may have nonstandard output terminals.)

D-sub 15pin video output D-sub 15pin video output

4)  Please prepare your presentation data with Microsoft PowerPoint.
The PC's prepared by the Conference will handle Windows and Macintosh versions of Microsoft PowerPoint only. Please do not use KeyNote.

5)  In the event you cannot connect to the projector provided by the Conference, please be sure you bring a backup CD-R or USB memory containing the presentation file in a Windows or Macintosh version of Microsoft PowerPoint.

6)  Presenters are responsible for determining in advance whether their notebook PC is capable of outputting video to an external display. This is especially important if the presentation contains a large amount of data and audiovisual content.

7)  All energy-conserving functions such as screen-savers, sleep/power-saving modes should be disabled on PCs to be used in the presentation.

9.  Notes on Preparing your Presentation Data

1)  Prepare your presentation on USB memory or on CD-R. Do not use CD-RW.

2)  Save your presentation as a Microsoft PowerPoint2000 or later for Windows file.

3)  Use only the standard fonts provided with Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows.

Confirm that your presentation file is functional by opening it in a PC other than the one you used to create it.

For Authors of Poster Presentation
1.  Please prepare your poster in English. Poster details
2.  Individual presentation time will not be provided, however all
presenters in the poster session should be in front of each poster and handle questions during the following time.

29 May, 13:00-14:00

3.  The poster size is 90 cm wide by 160 cm high.
Please prepare the title of your poster, author's name and your affiliations in the indicated area (70 cm wide × 20 cm high).
Your presentation number will be prepared by the Secretariat.
4.  Please display your posters by yourself with the tape and pins which will be available at poster session room.
5.  Poster setup and removal will be conducted on the schedule below.
Please remove your poster during the time indicated below. Posters not removed by 11:00 on May 30 will be discarded by the Secretariat.

  Setup May 29    8:00-11:00
  Removal May 30   10:30-11:00


The 10eme Reunion de l'AFJO Secretariat