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(Association France - Japon d'Orthopédie)
GRENOBLE - Amphithéâtre des Ecoles para médicales de l'Hôpital SUD
26 et 27 septembre 2003
(Avenue de Kimberley ; 38130 ECHIROLLES)

Final Scientific Program

WELCOME RECEPTION at the Hôtel (DAUPHITEL) :18:00 -21:00
08:30 : Basic Concepts for Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery :
Philippe MERLOZ (30 mn.)
President : T.ONOMURA (Osaka)
Moderator : J. TROCCAZ (Grenoble)
09:00 : Computer-assisted spine surgery
S. Ebara , J. Takahashi , I. Nakamura , H. Hirabayashi , J. Kitahara
Dept of Orthopaedic Surgery, Shinshu University School of Medicine, Matsumoto
09:15 : MRI-guided aspiration of intradural cysts
S. Takahashi , S. Morikawa* , Y. Saruhashi , Y. Matsusue
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Molecular Neuroscience Research Center*, Shiga University of Medical Science, Shiga
09:30 : Enlarging the Adaptation of MED Technique with the support of Computer Navigation System
H. Oka , M. Hirakawa , T. Naono ; Oita-Oka Hospital, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Oita
T. Yoshiiwa , K. Kuma , H. Taira ; Oita Medical University, Department of Orthopedic Surgery.
09:45 : Computer Assisted Knee Surgery : What do we need ?
D. Saragaglia
University Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Hôpital Sud, Grenoble
10:00 : Navigated Total Knee Arthroplasty
I.Moriyama ; Division of Orthopaedic Surgery, Saiseikai Utsunomiya Hospital, Tochigi
M. Kawakubo ; Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery, Tokyo Dental College Ichikawa General Hospital, Chiba
10:15 : Computer Assited Surgery forTotal Knee Arthroplasty
E. Stindel
University Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, CHU La Cavale Blanche, Brest
10:30 : Robot assisted Total Knee Arthroplasty with ROBODOC® surgical system
A. Kakimoto1), N. Sugano2), N. Nakamura1), N. Murata1),
M. Yamamura1), H. Yoshikawa2) , T. Ochi2)
Department of Orthopaedic surgery , Kyowakai Hospital1)
Department of Orthopaedic surgery , Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine2) , Osaka
10:45 - 11:15 : COFFEE BREAK
President : Ph. CINQUIN (Grenoble)
Moderator : S. TAKAHASHI (Shiga)
11:15 : Early clinical results with computer guided the FINE total knee arthroplasty.
T. Nakamura , T. Suguro , Y. Kanai , K. Kougame
Department of Orthpaedic Surgery ; Toho University, Tokyo
11:30 : ACL Navigation
R. Julliard, S. Plaweski
Clinique Mutualite des Eaux Claires, Grenoble
University Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, CHU A. Michallon, Grenoble
11:45 : CT-based navigation for total hip arthroplasty decreases the postoperative dislocation rate
N. Sugano1), T. Nishii1), H. Miki1), H. Yoshikawa1), T. Sasama2),
Y. Sato2), S. Tamura2), T. Ochi3)
Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka
1) Department of Orthopaedic Surgery,
2) Division of Interdisciplinary Image Analysis,
3) Division of Robotic Therapy,
12:00 : Robots : To do what? For what kind of surgery?
J. Troccaz
TIMC Lab ; IMAG ; Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble
12:15 : Principle and Concepts of Computer Assisted Surgical Protocols in Surgetics Systems.
S. Lavallée (Grenoble)
12:30 : Virtual Orthopaedic European University
Ph. Cinquin
University Department of Medical Computer Sciences, CHU A. Michallon, Grenoble
12:45 : Discussion
13:00 - 14:00 : LUNCH
14:00 : GERDY et SEGOND:
Deux Chirurgiens français qui ont donné leur nom à la chirurgie du genou ; Akira KOBAYASHI (Fukuoka), Japon
14:50 : Third Session : KNEE SURGERY
President : A. KOBAYASHI (Fukuoka)
Moderator : Ph. NEYRET (Lyon)
14:50 : Osteonecrotic Condition on Magnetic Resonance Imaging Following Arthroscopic Partial Meniscectomy in Osteoarthrosis
T. Hoshi , Y. Nakata , T. Itabashi , K. Nakahara , T. Kawagishi
Takaoka Seishikai Ortopaedic Hospital, Takaoka
15:00 : Healing of radial Tears of the Posterior Horn of the Medial Meniscus by Rasping
H. Ihara
Bone Joint Center, Kyushu Rosai Hospital, Kitakyushu
15:10 : Short-term Results of ALPINA Total Knee Arthroplasty - Comparison with Duracon and NexGen LPS TKAs -
S. Matsuda , T. Ohdera , A. Kobayashi
Fukuoka Orthopaedic Hospital, Fukuoka, JAPAN
15:20 : Kinematics oh TKA : Bearing and Sliding.
M. Bercovy, E. Weber (Paris)
15:30 : Results of the ROCC TKA.
M. Bercovy (Paris)
15:40 : Total knee prosthesis computer assisted. Which knee center to determine mechanical axis in sagittal plan ? Consequences of different options.
O. Tayot, H. Chavane, J. B_jui-Hugues, JP. Carret, and the SCOR Group (Lyon)
15:50 : Score prosthesis : early results. Comparison of a serie of 30 TKA computer assisted with 30 conventional TKA.
O. Tayot, H. Chavane, J. B_jui-Hugues, JP. Carret, and the SCOR Group (Lyon)
16:00 : Septic and aseptic loosening of total knee arthroplasty treated with constrained prosthesis.
E. Havet, J. Vernois, S. Delpech, P. Mertl, LM. Collet (Picardie Jules Verne University Hospital of Amiens)
16:10 : The Unilateral knee Arthroplasty in Lateral knee osteoarthritis : a consecutive series of 81 arhroplasties.
R. Badet, K. Bouattour, C. Bussiere, T. A_t Si Selmi, Ph. Neyret (Lyon)
16:20 : Total knee arthroplasty ahter high Tibial Osteotomy.
R. badet, T. A_t Si Selmi, C. Bussi_re, Ph. Neyret (Lyon)
16:30 : Anterior Cruciate Reconstruction combined with valgus Tibial Osteotomy ; long term Result.
Ph. Neyret, N. Bonin, T. A_t Si Selmi, H. Dejour (Lyon)
16:45 - 17:15 : COFFEE BREAK
17:20 : Fourth Session : TRAUMA and PEDIATRIC ORTHOPAEDICS
President : Y. SEMOTO (Osaka)
Moderator : J. COTTALORDA (Saint Etienne)
17:20 : Videoassisted Thoraco lumbar Approach.
JP. Steib, I. Bogorin, X. Chiffolot (Strasbourg)
17:30 : Removal of a calcified thoracic disc herniation combining thoracoscopy and3D navigation.
J. Del_crin, Y. P_reon, N. Passuti (Nantes)
17:40 : Stabilization of instable pelvic fractures using percutaneous ilio-transsacral screws and anterior fixation
JC. Bel, C. Falaise, D. Forissier, L. Ehrard, G. Herzberg (Lyon)
University Hospital Herriot of Lyon France Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery Department
17:50 : Unstable Pelvic Ring Fracture Fixed with the M Shaped Trans-Iliac Plate: Report of 2 cases.
N. Takigawa, S. Nakaoka
Osaka Mishima Emergency and Critical Care Medical Center, Osaka
18:00 : Virtual Simulator. An educational tool for Pelvic Surgery
J. Tonetti, L. Vadcard, P. Girard, R. Martin, Ph. Cinquin, J. Troccaz (Grenoble)
18:10 : Light nailing with autostable screws (Linas) for proximal humerus fractures - Technique and Results for 63 cases.
Ch. Cuny, M. Irrazi, P. Beau (Metz)
18:20 : Internal fixation of femoral head fracture using a minimally invasive medial approach: Case Report
T. Kawasaki , K. Hara , S. Takahasi , H. Kaneko ,
T. Ushiyama , Y. Matsusue
Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Shiga University of Medical Science, Otsu, Japan
18:30 : Comparison with ultrasonography and magnetic resornance imaging for developmental dislocation of the hip joint
Y. Imai , T. Kitano , T. Sakai , K. Takaoka
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine , Osaka
18:40 : Orthosis for Scoliosis : A Prospective Study comparing traditional plaster mould manufacturing with fast non contact 3D acquisition.
J. Cottalorda, R. Kohler, Ch. Garin, C. Pourret, P. Genevois, C. Lecante (Saint Etienne ; Lyon)
18:50 : Influence of school bag carrying on gait kinetics
J. Cottalorda, A. Rahmani, M. Diop, V. Gautheron, S. Bourelle, A. Belli, A. Geyssant (Saint Etienne)
19:30 : Adjourn
20:30 - 23:30 :
Bus departure from the hôtel at 20:00
08:00 : Fifth Session :HIP SURGERY
President : H. OHASHI (Osaka)
Moderator : Ch. PICAULT ; JP CARRET (Lyon)
08:00 : Rotational acetabular osteotomy in patients older than 46 years of age - A comparison with younger patients
Y. Yasunaga , T. Hisatome , T. Yamasaki , M. Ochi
Department of Orthopeadic Surgery; Hiroshima University School of Medicine, Hiroshima
08:10 : Long terms results of Chiari's pelvic osteotomy (more than 10 years follow-up)
S. Yanagimoto , H. Hotta , Y. Yabuki , T. Sasaki , A. Funayama , T. Sakamaki
Department of Orthop. Surg., Keio University, Tokyo, Japan
08:20 : Horizontal cutaneous lines in standing position for THA
T. Yamakawa , S. Hosoi
Yamada red-cross hospital, Department of orthopedics, Mie
08:30 : Evaluation of dislocation factors after total hip arthroplasty
T. Sasaki , S. Yanagimoto , H. Hotta , Y. Yabuki ; Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Keio University, Tokyo
A. Funayama , T. Sakamaki ; Department of Orthopadic Surgery, National Center for Child Health and Development
08:40 : Dealing with double mobility in THA repeated dislocation.
JP. Lantuejoul (grenoble)
08:50 : Modified impaction grafting technique for revision THA with difficult femoral reconstruction
H. Ohashi , Y. Kadoya , A. Kobayashi , Y. Kaneshiro , K. Takaoka
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Osaka City University Medical School, Osaka
09:00 : Press fit versus Distal locking of cementless stem in extended femoral approach for THR severe failures.
Ch. Picault (Lyon)
09:10 : Mid-term results of new KKS non-cement THA system
H. Hotta , S. Yanagimoto , Y. Yabuki , T. Sasaki , A. Funayama , T. Sakamaki
Department of orthopaedic surgery, Keio university school of medicine ; Tokyo, Japan
09:20 : Planification des PTH (30 ans d'expérience) ; du croquis au programme informatique.
A. Ray (Lyon)
09:30 : Orientation de la cupule acétabulaire en PTH ; Importance de la pose première de la pièce fémorale d'essai.
A. Ray (Lyon)
09:40 : Vascularized Pedicle Iliac Bone Graft for the Treatment of Aseptic Necrosis of the Femoral Head.
Revascularization of the necrotic area, does it really occur ?

M. Fujiwara, Dep.of Orthopedic Surgery,Nishi-Kobe Medical Center, Kobe, Japan
N. Ikeda, Dep.of Orthopedic Surgery, Tamatukuri Kouseinennkinn Hospital
09:50 : Treatment of osteonecrosis of the femoral head with modified vascularized free fibular bone grafting
Y. kaneshiro , H. Ohashi , H. Gotani , Y. Kadoya , K. Takaoka
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Osaka City postgraduate school of medicine ; Osaka
10:00 : Prospective study in idiopatic osteonecrosis of the femoral head in SLE
Y. Yabuki, S. Yanagimoto, H. Hotta, Y. Toyama
Department of Orthopedic Surgery ; Keio University,Tokyo
10:10 : Tige fémorale sur mesure non cimentée pour séquelle de développement dysplasique de hanche.
Etude de 2 à 12 ans de recul

X.Flecher, J.N.Argenson, J.M.Aubaniac.
Université de la Méditerranée, Service de Chirurgie Orthopédique, CHU-Sud
Hopital Sainte-Marguerite, Marseille, France
10:50 : Sixth Session :MISCELLANEOUS
President : T. ONOMURA (Osaka)
Moderator : Ph. MERLOZ (Grenoble)
10:50 : Percutaneous cementing to prevent osteoporotic distal radius fracture using a calcium phosphate bone substitute:anatomical study in 20 wrists
P.Liverneaux, Department of orthopedics, St Charles hospital, BP9, F-17301, Rochefort sur mer, France
11:00 : Antero-superior transposition of Achilles tendon attachment for dynamic pes equinus
Y.Semoto , K.Fujiwara , M.Kinoshita , M.Abe ; Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Osaka Medical College, Osaka
T.Onomura ; Kyoritu Rehabilitation Hospital
11:10 : Bone mineral density and bone metabolism of hemiplegia patients with strokes
S. Ishikawa
Department of Rehabilitation, Higashi Osaka General Hospital, Osaka
11:20 : Forequarter amputation wound coverage with an osteomyocutaneous free flap from the amputated extremity.
T. Osanai , H. Kashiwa , A. Ishikawa , M. Takahara , T. Ogino
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Yamagata University School of Medicine, Yamagata, Japan
11:30 : Clinical Results of Rotator Cuff Tears Associated with Injuries of the Long Head Biceps Tendon
G. Yoshikawa , K. Hori , H. Kaneko , Y. Matsusue ;
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Shiga University of Medical Science, Shiga
M. Murakami ; Murakami Orthopaedic Clinic
11:40 : Extra articular deformity in TKR:Significance, Solutions
JL. Briard (Rouen)
11:50 : TKR in patients with gonarthrosis after tibial or femoral fractures. A review of 29 cases
Y. Catonné, D. Ribeyre, N. Charlot (Paris ; Fort de France)
12:00 : Evaluation of the passive computer assisted system (Ceravision) with "Bone Morphing" for realisation of Total knee Prothesis.
D Van driessche (Hôpital Henri Mondor Creteil).
12:10 : The Orthopilot Trauma Project
Th. Gautheron, F. Leitner (Moutiers ; Grenoble)
12:20 : The AES Prostesis, Ankle Prostesis of primary and revision indications.
G. Asencio, C. Leonardi (Nimes)
12:30 : Recent evolution of the proof in French health Law.
J. Caton ( Lyon)
13:00 : Adjourn and Lunch

17:00 : Departure from the hôtel to LYON by bus.

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